Japan culture collections

2017 - 2020
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concept - visual identity - graphic design

Transformers, limited edition notebooks, 2017
Transformers, before being cartoons and movies, were toy robots. Our project recalls the iconic graphics of the packaging and instruction booklets characterised by a background grid on which texts and illustrations are placed, referring to the world of science fiction and computer graphics from the 80’s.


Astroboy, limited edition notebooks, 2018
Astroboy is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka, “the Father of Manga”. In order to create a strong sense of motion, Tezuka introduces a new compositional organisation of cartoons and frameworks and the distinctive “kinetic lines”. Our project – concept, graphic design and ADV campaign – explores these aspects of Tezuka’s work using the most iconic elements, illustrations, colours and lettering.


Super Mario Bros, limited edition notebooks, 2018
Super Mario Bros pixelated graphics, the original cartridges, the Nintendo console, and the Gameboy iconic design. Our work, which plays on the game’s original 1980s software and hardware features, includes four notebooks and the logo of the collection. This collection won the Best Licensed product award at Licensing international awards 2019.

Dragonball, limited edition notebooks, 2019
The saga of the first season of Akira Toriyama’s opera in four notebooks. Each notebook summarizes an iconic scene of the journey: main characters and found sphere on the cover, place of discovery in the endpapers, radar and spheres yet to find on the pocket.

Legend of Zelda, limited edition notebooks, 2020
Legend of Zelda is characterised by a wide open world to explore, where Link, the main character, faces monsters and discovers secret passages in order to save the princess. Our project focuses on the most relevant innovation of the “Legend of Zelda”, the freedom to move the character in any direction.

Go Nagai Super Robot, limited edition notebooks, 2020
The manga and Go Nagai’s revolutionary idea of calling up arms.
Koushiryoku Beam! Double Harken!

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